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1 I need at least 10 characters in this field. on Sun Mar 08, 2015 11:05 am

Oppa is gangnam style.

Hey minecraft lady. Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh.

1.I would like to crush the dreams of our young players so as they do not get uppity.

2.I also think it is important to quickly and unmercifully ban and mute any who disagree with me ('the server rules').

3.We should never guide new players or answer their questions, so they can not become stronger than us.

4.As a moderator, I can harass players and act up at will 'cause nobody can touch me.

5.Once in awhile it is good to destroy stuff built by others in a fiery blaze (it will keep them busy).

6.I will freely start hurtful gossip to create drama. Drama will entertain and keep people here rather than watching TV or movies.

7.I will never allow rule breakers to prosper, they must give me at least 51% of all proceeds.

8.I can turn my computer on, what more is needed?

9.This gig will keep me busy while waiting to make another server, then a great way to advertise. (so I'll stay active for now...)

It is still opposite day today, right?

cheerscheerscheers Pyro for mod president!

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