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Towny Boarder!? New Members!? Public Library!?

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1Towny Boarder!? New Members!? Public Library!? Empty Towny Boarder!? New Members!? Public Library!? on Tue May 05, 2015 10:56 pm

I wish the server can offer more land in Faction and or Towny. My town is being pressed in by 2 other town, So I move closer to the boarder. Same with Faction, There is less Faction land then there is Towny. I think we should equal the land space, and make it slightly more bigger. Towns can grow into large plots of space, so I think we shouldn't have to worry about bumping into the other towns. I have a town less then a minute away from my spawn, and it bothers me. I will not ask them too move because they paid for the land, and there isn't more space in Towny land. I just wish there was more. There is probably a reason to why we have limits, but I hope we can move the boarder back.

I feel like there is a balanced amount of rules on the server, and that players and users enjoy the free world, with only small rules. But I do have a problem with a few things. I think there should be a rule on new members of the server to have a 30-60 minutes without being killed. With the unfriendly players and the mobs, it can be a pain. There is nothing wrong with trying to kill people in faction land, but it show the new user that the server is basically just for few friends and whoever joins is just a dog toy to them. When I first got on the server, I was helped out because my brother, Cameron, was a current member. When he left the server, I was just dirt. [I'm use to that on new servers.] Some people might not stay for long, and that's our biggest problem. So I feel like we need a bit more rules, like no killing right outside of Towny, or no mobs too close to spawn. The list goes on.

I feel like the server has so much more space to grow! We can have more mini games, or more drop parties, [Not too often though.] Banner and firework contest, Public library where people can write in books and quills and but in library, and so much more! If we had more mini games, it will encourage more players to get along! [not much more p.v.p] Drop parties could bring people out of their hide-y hole, and to come out and socialize! Banners and firework contest and show talent of everyone of the server! Very Happy My favorite idea is a Public Library! People can write books, send it in a hoppers for a mod to review, [if the mods don't want to do it, I'll be happy to review and make sure it's child friendly! I LOVE reading! Very Happy] We can probably find a plugin where we can put it in a chest where people can take 1 out and read it, and the original stays in the chest! We can really dig deep into everyone creative side! We can all read each others thoughts! Nothing negative should go in, no complains. We should only have Poems, stories, handbooks, and so on! I hope you think about taking this idea! It would be something no other sever has done before, and it's nice way to spread peace into the server. Very Happy

Thanks for reading this 400 paged book.

~PerfectKayla [Kayla]

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I would imagine some of the constraints are due to computer usage and money. It costs money to run a server and the bigger it gets the more it costs. Sad facts of life. Everyone who wants to see the server grow and continue to be great, should try their best to keep new players here and donate if possible.

Your idea for helping new players is good. In fact just a few weeks ago I made a post with very similar theme (suggesting protecting new players for the first day). Not everyone is a bloodthirsty cretin. Even in my very short time in ts, I have seen a new player chased away there for no good reason.

Fun for players does tend to equal more work for skykia's and mods. Mini-games take time and energy to make, test, and implement. Mini-games can also take more server space and memory. That being said, I like your ideas for more fun.

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I see where you are coming from, I haven't owned a server, so I'm not sure how it quite works. I did happen to see your post, and I was building off of it. I would change the 24 hour limit, because people could abuse it and kill others and be over powered. I think it could be shorting, but that is my opinion.

I wasn't trying to offend anyone by saying the server is "Bloodthirsty." But there are some members who want their sword skill higher, or they want heads, or even just for sport. [Like bets on how long it takes.] So I was thinking of something to add in for safe playing. [but later is for the blood and guts. >:3]

Thanks! Once again I didn't know it could take space. Razz Probably why we made the other server for testing our mini games. Maybe later we can work something out, and we can have more mini games. I honestly think we should make more team games, not just p.v.p because it doesn't bring the server together. But it could be fun to fight friends, and it is a great way to practice. So I can't have a say in what games stay or go. Razz My only problem is that there is fire in the warp, and it lags the CRAP out of my computer. I could just have a weak computer [probably that.] But I have had other people complain about it. Razz [It's not Sky's fault I have a bad computer, but it would help a few folks.]

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Sorry for the long wait!

1) Server Land
Very little of towny land is actually being used right now. For some reason everyone chose to claim land right at the edge of the world and all in the same place. I don't really have control over that, but perhaps I could setup a random warp button in spawn to help spread people out more in the future. You can always setup an outpost on the opposite side of the map and make the main body of your town there.

2) New player immunity for a set period of time is an impossible rule to enforce right now. I looked in to timed permissions so that it would happen automatically and I haven't seen anything yet that will work for us. Let me know if you find a plugin or have ideas for how to automate that. It's a moderators nightmare trying to enforce it with our current setup. I can make strong suggestions, and it always helps if new members are offered a place in town so that they have protected land as soon as possible (hint hint mayors)

3) More Fun
Agreed! I've been trying to be more consistent with minigame days for that reason.

New minigames: they are suffering because I'm primarily the one who puts them up and it is time consuming. I'm slowly learning how to maximize my time around taking care of a tiny human so I'll make redoubled efforts to bring over some of the creative server games.

Drop Parties: I've been trying to watch for high traffic days to do drop parties. If there are 15+ people on and I don't notice then send me a pm. No promises, but I'll do my best to put someone on duty.

Library: Like your banner competition, why not hold one for books? You could have themes like poetry, short stories, minecraft tips, riddles... etc. If you were to gather and look over the books for reasonable content I will find a way to make them available to the public. Probably for a small price just to make sure the shop doesn't get exploited. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

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I think the player protection idea is good, and Skykia has a point when she says that mayors can help by letting them in their town. But the best idea is the library! Very Happy I love the idea of writing contests, and being able to read other players' writing. Although you would have to implement something to prevent players from abusing free books and quills (they could take them all and sell them for money). I've been thinking of starting a long-term project to copy a book into Minecraft form. Like The Wind in the Willows or a short story, for less work. So people could come and read books  in-game!. study

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Great ideas. Two thumbs up!

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