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Custom Enchants Plugin in Towny!

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1 Custom Enchants Plugin in Towny! on Mon Jun 01, 2015 3:20 pm


In addition to the usual enchantments, you will have a chance for an extra enchantment to appear while using an enchanting table in the Towny world. There is no way to increase the enchantment level, and these special enchants will only show up when enchanting at 30 levels. These enchantments are very rare so don't be surprised if it takes a good bit of enchanting before they show up!

NOTE: These enchants do not show up on books! Only items!

Global Enchantments
Lifesteal - Gives you half a heart back whenever you punch an enemy.
Deathbringer - Extra Damage.
Gooey - Hitting your enemy rapidly causes the enemy to be flung into the air.
Poison - Poisons your enemy.
Thundering Blow - Upon hitting an enemy, you have a chance to strike Lightning onto it.
Vampire - Heals you by half of your damage.
Deep Wounds - Upon hitting an enemy, you have a chance of causing it to bleed.

Tools only
Smelting - When destroying a block, get the smolten products of this block.

Bow only
Lightning - Strikes your enemy with a Lightning.
Paralyze - Slows, Blinds and Weakens your enemy completely.

Armor only
Molten - Sets the enemy that hit you on fire.
Hardened - Applies Weakness to the enemy that hit you.
Poisoned - Poisons the enemy that hit you.
Frozen - Slows the enemy that hit you.
Revulsion - Applies Nausea to the enemy that hit you.
Cursed - Applies the Wither effect to your enemy.

Boots only
Gears - Boots. Gives you a Speedboost.
Springs - Boots. Gives you a Jumpboost.
Stomp - Boots. If you land on an enemy and would normally get Falldamage, you give the Falldamage you would take on the enemy, negating the damage for you.

Helmet only
Glowing - Gives you Nightvision.

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