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Tommy58ctx's Mod applecation

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1 Tommy58ctx's Mod applecation on Sun Nov 16, 2014 3:05 pm

2014-11-16 15:04:59
Assassin's Log

Hello, most of you guys know me as Tommy, i'm one of the members that has been on for a while and let me say I love the community, I have always loved killing the people on here, you guys take death more nicely then most people I have met. but on a more serious matter I have come here to apply for Moderator. I know Sky (The Queen Of Merchants) is looking for people that know how to take a job seriously, and there are very few people who can do that. I am one of those people, i'm willing to switch my focus on my killing to being a moderator, listen killing is fun and all but its not the greatest of jobs. I also know Sky is looking for the best of the best, I know I may not be the best but i'm as good as I make my self to be. If you pick me as moderator I pledge to:

Take a situation the best way I know how.

Do my best to promote the server the couple ways I know how.

last but not least I want to keep this community as loving as its roots.

These Thing I Pledge

Tommy58ctx (Assassin King)

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