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Staff Application

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1 Staff Application on Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:45 pm

Hello staff and members of merchants and marauders! I want to apply for staff for specificly 5 reasons why i should be staff on the server!

1. You guys need mods always on except just hootowl being on 24/7 i am mostly on all day sometimes if im not busy
2. I have been doing server work ever since 1.4 and i am a expert at doing server coding i can basicly set up a good server within i say 15 minutes
3. I'm always trying to help people out what is better than a regular mod? A Helpful Mod! I help new players out sometimes by either Donating them money or just giving them diamonds!
4. I have been on the server for a while. Even though this might not be a good reason atleast ive been on the server for quite a bit and i know all the staff and players!
5. I've been mod on alot of servers for showing trustworthyness, helpfulness, and showing no lack of responcibility if someone is doing something wrong on the server i get on to them just like a mod would do. but the problem is is that i may not have the power to mute or ban but i shall do my best to change the persons attitude toward other players and staff.
This was my application I certainly do hope i get staff!
Thank you guys for reading my Application and I hope to see you guys on the server! Very Happy
Th3R3alSt3ak AKA:Piece Of Meat

Ps: I am also good at customizing websites Smile

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