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Server behavior is considered first, and then your application. Anyone who wishes to become staff needs to first show by their actions on our Minecraft and Teamspeak servers that they understand and respect the community and rules. Here are some traits to keep in mind:

Obey all server rules
Treat all members with respect whether they are your friends or trolls
Listen to and learn from current Staff members
Go out of your way to be helpful with new members on both the Teamspeak and Minecraft servers.
Never add to server gossip or drama
Don't encourage rule-breaking behavior in others
Be consistently active for at least two weeks

Here are some examples of good information to add to your staff application

Past experience with additional Minecraft permissions
Past experience with Teamspeak commands
Time dedication estimates for future gameplay
Additional knowledge of plugins used on the Minecraft Server
Any particular server deficits that you are a good fit for (available during busy times, late night patrol, ability to be on the Teamspeak server, etc.)

I have a lot of past servers I used to own and server I owned with others so in all my time I have learned a lot of things about commands but learn new ones every once in a while.
I do not have much experiance with any thing to do with ts
I play on the server a lot because the server is like a home to me now every one on the server that plays regularly is like family to me even if the server was griped which I hope never happens I would still play on it
I know how to use a lot of plugins if I cannot figure something out I either ask for help or do some research I know a lot of plugins
I can be on to whenever I am needed and sometimes I do come on at night I am mostly available at busy times also

In game name: BrennenWitness
I would love to be staff I don't really care what position I would just like to help out on the server Very Happy

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