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Karlthewik's Teamspeak mod application

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1 Karlthewik's Teamspeak mod application on Wed Jul 29, 2015 6:07 pm

Hi there if you don't know me already i'm karl Smith a.k.a karlthewik I am a frequent user of the teamspeak and minecraft server and enjoy playing and interacting with the community.
I have been on the server around about a month now and I have enjoyed doing activities such as playing minecraft towny, minigames, playing CSGO, and dueting with skyia's amazing voice with my guitar as backing (TOTALLY NOT SUCKING UP TO THE OWNER).
The reason I am applying for TS mod is because it is extremely frustrating when people start using voice changers and making noises or being in the wrong channel *duck and when I ask them to change channels or change channels myself I get followed and told that I can't make them do anything. And also around morning and midday for british time no-one is ever online now being a mod isn't a requirement to help people but it means you can add the permissions to move channels for people just today a guy called hidden joined and left as he was frustrated that he couldn't move channels. Not only can I help to bring order and discipline to the teamspeak server I can help the community flourish in dissolving situations a skill which I am very proud to have.
I have had experience setting up a teamspeak server as I used to own a community although we did not have a *minecraft server we still worked as a community as I knew that I always had someone in the main channels to enforce the rules and to help the community and to just interact with the community. As for commands I am not familiar with commands I'm not sure if you mean server queries but I can learn and I can change clients permissions to do things such as put them on ,push to talk ,sticky them ect.

I wish to clarify as to why I am applying for teamspeak moderator, well it is because I am always on the teamspeak server every day however I am not on the minecraft server every day and I feel that although it would be thoroughly enjoying it would not benefit the community as much.

I also know that I am not always the *perfect* person we all make mistakes. I sometimes do use taboo language when extremely stressed but this is because where I come from it is not a curse word as such words like God are but certain language that might be considered "swears" in another place are not here although I try to respect everyone and try to refrain from using any negative language.

Something that I can add to the community is a multinational prospect I can be on at times that are *late at night or early in the morning in other countries and this would make more people from places like the UK join as when I join the teamspeak in the morning for me no-one is online and this means no-one is able to help new members so sometimes I just sit in the main channel and help new members so I can do that even if I don't get the position. I think that a community with no distance barriers would be amazing and is obtainable I am just helping the community over obstacle like time distancing.

I also can offer my website development help I can help set up a website that is custom made if you like or I am extremely good at utilizing enjin's modules and I think I could easily learn forum motion also.

And obviously there is the punishment side of things ugh I can offer that yes like I said I will keep order and discipline and everything but in all honesty I do think that things like bans and kicks are really a last resort but I will do what needs to be done if it is required.

I have taken a lot of time in creating this application and I understand that it takes time for an answer to be defined, I hope you take this seriously as I take the community seriously.

Thank you Karlthewik

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