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TS3 and Minecraft Moderator App.

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1 TS3 and Minecraft Moderator App. on Sun Nov 16, 2014 4:40 pm

IGN: RawCarrot

Reasons: I would like to become a moderator because, I would like to stop the hackers who penetrate the server. I would also like to stop hackers from ruining the server. Another reason, is that I would like to help people. Helping people is an important factor in minecraft servers. Without helping them, how would they play? I really admire how Sky, introduced me and helped me. That's how I would like to help people. I would also like to capture hackers. Recording hackers is easy for me. Recording hackers, will help me get evidence of hackers. Another reason is that, I would like to help out the server. For example, NCP shouldn't be appearing in chat. This will alert the hackers that, they are being watched. That means they will stop hacking, which is good in a way. Teamspeak is also an important factor. People might be swearing/trolling the players on the TS server, making the players frustrated. Banning them will be a GREAT help to the server. Invading chats and trolling is not cool. In conclusion, I would like to get moderator to help the server/TS3 server.

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