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Application for TS and Chat mod-identiti

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1 Application for TS and Chat mod-identiti on Mon Sep 07, 2015 6:32 am

Hello my name is identiti and i would like to apply for teamspeak and chat mod.

-Although i haven't had past experience of being a helper of anysort i still feel like i have the responsibility to be a helper and to help out in ways that i can.

-I havent had experience with teamspeak commands either but i will be happy to learn them and same with the in game chat commands, i will be happy to learn them.

-I have been on the server for a good time now and i know what is allowed and what isnt. I plan to keep playing on this server as i am still enjoying it and having a good time.

-As i live in Australia and have a different time zone to most other players, i am usually on teamspeak so if someone new joins i would be there to help and i can teach them about the server and what we expect. I am also on when people come into the teamspeak and don't follow the rules that are set so being a mod would allow me to take the actions that apply and try to make them stop.

Thank you for ready my application and best of luck for me Wink

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