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Break Obsidion with TnT Plugin

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1Break Obsidion with TnT Plugin Empty Break Obsidion with TnT Plugin on Mon Oct 12, 2015 11:26 pm

Hullo while you are reading this you may think this is a stupied idea but I don't think it is. For the radiers side you cant Break into obsiodion bases withough glitchs and such. If people make a obsiodion base they are safe for ever until the wither witch is a pain to get ... So with this plugin you need 5-8 TNT to break 1 Obsidion so its preaty fair I hope people agree with this but if not I respect your anster ether way

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2Break Obsidion with TnT Plugin Empty Re: Break Obsidion with TnT Plugin on Mon Nov 30, 2015 7:52 pm

I do hear a lot of people complain about the inability to break into obsidian bases. The problem seems to be mostly one of time played on the server. It is a seriously time consuming and resource heavy endeavor to obtain 3 wither skulls just to break into a base. On the other hand, it almost seems too easy to just destroy everything a faction has worked for with just 5-8 TNT. Either way it greatly changes the strategy and play-style the faction side requires. Maybe there are other options...

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