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Kupiton's Staff Aplication

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1 Kupiton's Staff Aplication on Mon Nov 17, 2014 4:35 am

I was a member from Summer 2012. I know i had tough past (with making a problem), but after the long term perm ban, The moderators and Admins could have seen big improvment and maturness in my actions. I think I could do the ultimative change on our new server. From the day FireflyMc was down, every 2-3 days Ive looked at the website. Some info - atleast something about what is happening with my 2nd life. I wont say that I'm the best and that no other candidate can be better then me. I just hope that my knowledge of this community, of a VERY strict understanding of the rules and past exprience will give me the tools, to help our new server.
I was a moderator on an 1.0 server LONG time ago, it ended up the whole thing getting lost just like FireFly, without a succession like this server.
About the time I'm planning to stay : to all those who have know me from the begining of Firefly time, I've been always there. Sometimes more active (holidays, blah blah) sometimes less (exam times, blah blah), But I was always there. Thats how I was and will most likely remain on our new server.
about the Plugins thing : While Firefly was down, there was attempt by me and my friend to launch a server. It didnt work out because of my friend and his failures in places where he was resposible, however I've done generally pretty nice with setting up pluggins and configuring them.
Special stuff about me : The thing about late night patrol really caught my eye, Because thats one of my "specialities"... Because I'm from Israel, our time is UTC +3. Time diffrance with Local US time - 8-7 hours. It means that whenever it's morning for me - It's night for the US (and most of our server) and vise versa.
I also speak Russian and Hebrew (+Learning German) so yeah, I could recognise speaches and actions taking by Native Russia / Israelic / German guy.
I guess thats all I could offer, thank you for reading. Embarassed Embarassed

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