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Dinosaur Yee Staff Application

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1Dinosaur Yee Staff Application Empty Dinosaur Yee Staff Application on Tue Nov 17, 2015 5:11 pm

I would like to be just a moderator. It does not matter whether i'm a TSMod or just any other modereator. (I prefer TSMod) I would also like to help out with the server in any way possible (cant donate money cuz im broke). Thank You
Dinosaur Yee (XNnjaeliTex is my TS name)
I have some experience with helping people. I myself am a kid (13) so I have the best of both worlds (very mature) I will enforce rules like no advertising, cursing, use of malicous links, etc.I would never do anything to offend the good people of merchants and marauders. I used to play Firefly until it shutdown. I sorta helped out there. Thank you again.

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