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Town Spawns

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1 Town Spawns on Sat Nov 21, 2015 8:52 pm

Each town has a town spawn. Some towns may be public, where anyone can spawn there, or they may be private, where only residents can access the spawn. To change the town spawn you must be a mayor or a vice mayor.

To get to your town spawn, type:

/t spawn

To toggle your town spawn to make it public or private, type:

/t toggle public

This will make it so everyone can go there or just people in your town.

To go to a different town spawn, type:

/t spawn TOWNNAME

This will only work if that towns spawn is public.

To set the town spawn, do the following commands:

/t set spawn

If your changing your town spawn to a different plot, you will have to type:

/t set homeblock

Wherever you’re looking when you set the town spawn is where you will be looking when you teleport to the town spawn

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