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News Letter: 12/13/15

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1 News Letter: 12/13/15 on Sun Dec 13, 2015 1:04 pm

Merchants And Marauders
Top Story:
The Teamspeak has been quite busy due to the new Creative server for the month of December and possibly January. Members are joining and building their own creations for the main server. Members, get your own plot to let your creativity shine building Mini games, Versions of Spawn, Parkour, etc. After the server is down, and everyone has gotten a chance to play on all the mini games, There will be a poll for which game should be added to the main server! Keep an eye out for the poll in order to help vote for the server! Creative Server IP:
Speaking of the creative server, Moderator Stormy_Bluey has developed a Creation of his own. He has spent days preparing a Mob Arena for the main server! The game is to survive waves upon waves of mobs, upgrading your  kit's armor and weapons after each wave. It has captured attention from almost everyone on the server, yet it is still in beta! You can also find this interesting mini game on the IP stated above. Can you handle the waves of mob terror?

Christmas Skin Competition!
The server is hosting a Skin contest for the holidays! Do you have a winter skin, and want to compete with others to see who has the best skin? Enter the Skin Contest! Like the Halloween Skin contest, You can enter your Skin to Skykia by sending mail to her saying if your skin is a Original, Edited, or Copy!
Use this command: /mail send Skykia [Message]
Poll will be posted shortly, and the race for votes will start! Will it be you who takes the prize?

Happy Holidays!

You can donate to the server for a colored nickname! You can have a cool nick to stand out in chat, and once you donate to Dragon rank- you get to have any Colored Name! You can change your name once a week-3 weeks depending on how often you change it. Ask a moderator to change your name after you've donated! As we meet the server donation goals cool new things will be added! Past additions are:
Mob heads, End Reset, Spawners, etc! Lets see what else can be added!

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