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1Mod Application  Empty Mod Application on Tue Dec 22, 2015 4:39 pm


I live: United States,MA

What position are you applying for:Moderator

Age :13

How long have you been on this server?: 2 Years

A bit about myself.
I am a average person trying to look for something to do with my life. I am a huge minecraft lover and have been playing it since 1.2.5! I am a nice, friendly guy who loves to meet new people and have fun! I am not a fan of arguments I really do disaprove of them. I go to a normal school and am expected quite high grades I am (English) so it is a bit different to others.

Why I started minecraft.
I first heard about minecraft when I was in my PDB class and I got bored so I started to talk about games. As I went through that long conversation I heard one of my friends mention something called 'minecraft' so he told me a bit about it. I figured out when I got home and watched a few videos on it that this is the game for me, to keep me entertained. So I bought it. That is why I started minecraft!

Why do I want to become a Moderator?
I would like to become a Moderator of this server because I love watching people have fun meeting new friends and just having fun but... There are bad sides to this... There are hackers. So I think that I have what it takes to become a Moderator and get rid of spammers, hackers and people who just make the server an un-pleasent place to be I believe I can fix this. I am on minecraft a lot because I am a no-life I am on this server a lot too. I am fully dedicated 24/7 to helping this server to grow even bigger and be the positively best server ever (which it already is). I am also one of the Top-Players on the server which proves my time on here!

I have good communication skills and friendship. I know how to control my anger problems which I have. And I do not disband a job which I have been assigned to or dedicated to be done. I am not a quitter I will do what it takes to make people happy by not doing to much to OP people. I am also Admin on another server so I know many rules and many commands. The reason why I want to be Moderator on this server is because I love it so much. ( I am loyal it is just this has been my all-time favorite server) I also know a lot about plugins, commands, worldedit Exc.

What if I didn't get picked?
In all fairness I would not mind. Obviously I would rather but I would still be happy to just play and help out others to the extent I can.

This is my moderator application and I hope it appeals to you in someway!

Thankyou very much for reading - Craft

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