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Minecraft Server Rules

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[1] No Foul Language or SPAM
Think G rated disney movie. We are a welcoming community for all ages and the chat should be kept appropriate at all times. Avoid filling the general chat with pointless messages including the excessive use of caps, repeated messages, or multiple short messages.

[2] Be respectful of Moderators and Members
Never be intentionally hurtful toward other members. This includes racist and sexist statements and jokes. Playful rivalries that are all in good fun are fine, but personal attacks are never acceptable. It is also never appropriate to question server policies, moderator decisions, or spread drama in the main chat. Please use the forum PM or /msg for topics of a sensitive nature.

Moderators are tasked with the arduous job of suspending their gameplay in order to help maintain the integrity of the server community. If a Moderator is speaking on behalf of the server rules, listen well and respect the community.

[3] No client-side mods or resource packs that give in-game advantages
No cheating the system for unfair advantages. If you are unsure if something is considered against the rules, feel free to ask a Moderator or post on the forum. There are multiple systems in place on the server to catch cheaters and second chances are rare.

[4] Report bugs and glitches, do not abuse them
If you think you have discovered a bug or glitch on the server, please report it privately to a Moderator either through forum pm, or in-game /mail. Past and present abuses of such issues will be found.

[5] English only in the general chat
For ease of moderation, the general chat should only be in the English
language. Single words or occasional phases are fine, but if you are planning to have entire conversations in another language please use /msg.

[6] Advertising for or excessively talking about other Minecraft or Teamspeak servers is not allowed
Large minigame servers or no longer active minecraft servers may be brought up in passing but full conversations about other servers are discouraged. The staff of Merchants and Marauders has worked very hard to make this a fun game experience, please respect that and refrain from bringing up others.

[7] No Gold Farms
Our server and economy are not setup to handle it.

[8] No Natural Mob Spawners
With the exception of Enderman grinders, all other mob grinders must come from a spawner block.

[9] Do not intentionally hog server resources and/or cause lag

  • Natural mob grinders
  • Allowing spawn blocks to accumulate excessive mobs
  • Using afk machines
  • Continuously running redstone machines
  • Keeping too many animals in a small space
  • Lava towers, water towers, or "rain ┬ámachines"
  • Loose snow golems, or more than 2 snow golems in one area

These are just a few of the ways that server behavior might be causing lag. Ask a Moderator before adding pressure to our system, and be aware that any lag-causing devices or farms will be removed without notification or repayment.

[10] There is limited trade protection in the Towny world

If two parties decide to trade either an item for an item, or an item for a sum of money and both parties agree to this trade in the public chat such trade agreements will be enforced.

Note: Trades involving services, no-kill contracts, or any sort of long-term or drawn out form of payment WILL NOT be enforced.

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