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News Letter: 12/27/15

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1News Letter: 12/27/15 Empty News Letter: 12/27/15 on Sun Dec 27, 2015 1:20 pm


The server is full of Christmas cheer, and everyone seems to be having a fun time playing with others. Not only that, everyone has been going head-to-head with each other for the scavenger hunt in spawn. This has truly made people jolly for the holidays, it is found in the event section of spawn! Hipster_Wolf, a new TsMod to the server, built all the Pixel art and donated it to the server. Everyone seems to be enjoying the challenges in the treasure hunt, and the prize even more!  Spoilers will not be needed, go on and find the prize to claim the prize!

The Christmas skin winners should be posted either today or tomorrow, just not in the time of this New Letter post. The candidates have been on the edge of their seat wanting to know the winners, the candidates being Hipster_wolf, I_am_the_Turtle, MasterPlokoon, Kaitykat2021, and myself. Keep a look out at spawn for the winners, I'll also place them here once they have been revealed! No one knows what the prizes are this time around, but lets wait and see what Skykia has up her sleeve!
Edited: The Christmas Skin winners were:
Most Original: I_am_the_turtle
Most Christmasy: Hipster_Wolf
Most detailed: KaityKat2021
People's Choice: PerfectKayla
Owner's Pick: MasterPlokoon

The creative server has been decorated in Christmas Spirit by the Moderator Stormy_Bluely. Mini games have been slowly moved to the play board, and everyone has been trying to test out new games as they appear! Others have been working on things for Spawn, and Ideas for the server in general. So everyone has been busy on the server all around, lets see what gets done before New years!  
+ Want to become royalty to the people around you? Want statues built of you, and your name a Heavenly nick? Then donate to the new Creative server Royalty Package to keep the Creative server going year round! If you donate $5.00 you will get to be either a Princess or a Prince, Or even a Knight if you choose to be. You get have the /hat command and you get to have a Nick for a month. All perks is for the Creative server until further notice. But If you donate $10.00, you will become either King or Queen of the Server for 1 month! You will have perks of the Princess/Prince, but you get a Statue built of your Skin in Spawn! There can only be 1 King OR Queen per month, so you would have to be patience. Who's Going to be the King/Queen of January?

Link to the Donation Page:

What did you get for Christmas? /mail send PerfectKayla [Message]

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