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News Letter: 1/3/16

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1News Letter: 1/3/16 Empty News Letter: 1/3/16 on Sun Jan 03, 2016 5:55 pm


Happy New Years to all the Members on the server! M.A.M has been around for two whole years now, and we are all ready for another Year! All the moderators are working to make it the best year possible, and to make the next set of months a time to remember.

The creative server has reached 75 plots and is growing in all different directions. Mini games are slowly coming to a stop in being created, so no new games have been made recently. What kind of Mini game do you want to see? Build it for the server!
The Creative server royalty has claimed it's King/Queen of January, PerfectKayla. They will have their statue built in the spawn, as well as a royalty Nick. Want to be the King/Queen of next month?
Donate here!:

School is starting back up for most tomorrow, so many players have been on in the last couple of days. People have been testing out Mini Games as well as building together on both servers! Many old friends of the server have come back to greet most of us, and its a nice treat to have. The server has been pretty quiet, but there has been some activity here and there. Hope you enjoyed the Holiday break!

What are you hoping to see in 2016? /mail send PerfectKayla [Message]

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