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News Letter: 1/17/16

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1 News Letter: 1/17/16 on Sun Jan 17, 2016 1:06 pm

Merchants and Marauders

(I Apologies for last week's new letter being missing, Hopefully this makes up for it.)

The Creative Server's minigames are up for poll for everyone to vote for their favorite games to be moved to the main server! A certain amount of games went into this poll, and newer games are saved for the next poll. Everyone is debating on which game they should vote for, ruling out what games will make it and what games wont, to be moved. What games are interested in seeing on M.A.M?
Vote here!

Mentioning The Creative server, Mob Arena "Coltron" has had it's kits revamped with never before seen kits. Defender, Archer, and Gnome- These kits are the first of many kits ready to be unlocked. Players who document certain achievements, and send them to Stormy_Bluey, will get a special kit unlocked! With waves stocked piled with surprises that happen behind every corner, everyone will have to work together to make it further into the game. Wave 100 has been edited, and 200 waves will soon follow after. Lets see what Stormy_Bluey has up his sleeve this Mob Arena!

The pvp tournament yesterday was fun for everyone all around! Challengers were: James545321, PerfectKayla, Hipster_Wolf, and Identitii as they fought for who came out on top.
These are the results:

James Vs Kayla
James won Kayla's Sword "C0m3 @t M3 Br0"
Identitii Vs Wolfie
Identitii Won against Wolfie [Item will be provided here shortly]
James Vs Identitii
Identitii Won Jame's Cursed Chestplate
Kayla Vs Wolfie
Wolfie Won Kayla's Sword "C0m3 @t M3 Br0"
Bonus round:
James + Wolfie Vs Identitii + Kayla
Identitii + Kayla both won a pair of Jame's Cursed Chestplate
First place: Identitii
Second place: James545321
Third place: Hipster_Wolf
Last place: PerfectKayla
Good fight everyone! Lets see what will happen next event!

Towny world has been a peaceful place for a long time, and it still is, but there is a feeling of Change in the air. Magnolia and NatureVille plan on packing up their towns and starting over from scratch in a new biome with more space.
As shown in previous New Letters, Magnolia was placed in a Snow boime and the Owner,James545321, wants to get far off away from any snow. Snow consisting cover his roads and builds, not to mention citizens plots, and it slows the building process. He wants more room to grow, and to make Magnolia shine like ever before with plants and flowers. That is his reason of moving his town, as far as I know.

Natureville was placed on a small island right up against the Server's Border, and as towns start to grow toward said border, its extremely hard for Natureville to grow into any direction other then the Ocean. This has pressured PerfectKayla and AnnieLePenguin, the Mayors, to reconsider the inhabitants of their Town. They have decided to re-do their Town with their previous knowledge to make Natureville come to it's full potential for their Nation, The Kamonnie Realm.

That is all the news to be shared this week, Look out for next week's News Letter!

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