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News Letter: 1/24/16

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1News Letter: 1/24/16 Empty News Letter: 1/24/16 on Sun Jan 24, 2016 3:54 pm

Merchants and Marauders

This week has gone by in a flash, the server has been busy with new members joining every day. New towns are popping up everywhere, making mayors raise above. Nations are predicted to come, meaning it's a race to have the next Nation. Towns including BuddaVille, Honnor_of_the_vally, Camelot, etc have found their way into the Merchant System. Lets see where these towns will end up, and who will have the next Nation?

Creative server has had an increase in puzzle and maze maps, People are getting into the brainwork side of Mini Games. Skykia has made two puzzle maps being HouseEscape and HouseEscape2. The purpose of the game is to escape a house you have mysteriously been trapped in; using basic minecraft skills to find all secrets to make it out to the outside world. Hipster_wolf has made a map for two players to help each other get to the end of a hallway. Meaning, one player has to activate one trap- while the other jumps to safety. This game is named Side_By_Side, and it is rather popular. These games will be saved for next poll, but be sure to vote for this months Poll. It's your last chance to vote for your beloved games, so be sure to vote before your games are gone forever! Results are planned to be posted next week!
You can find the poll here:

Sorry for the short NewsLetter today, this week has been rather slow in news. Check back next week for anything and everything Merchants and Marauders!

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