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Julias "Application" for Server related "Staff"

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------=====[APPLICATION FOR STAFF]=====------
Hey there, I'm Julia L.
I'm currently 13 years old, and I go to the seventh grade.
I was born in Germany, Baden Wuerttemberg, with my dad being a solider, stationed in Germany and my mother being german, I have a dual citizenship.
I'm currently living in US, North Carolina and I have two brothers of which one is studying iT in Germany at the moment.

I speak both english and german fluently and I'm able to understand french as well, although i do have my problems with it.

I didn't want to write this application in the first place, but I'm doing it anyway.

I was taught how to play minecraft by my brother.
He took me to the Minecon in 2012 too, I bought my account there, since then I’ve been playing this game.

Over the past few years Ive been taught how to code, I can write basic plugins for spigot/bukkit and/or forge mod loader in Java (Eclipse), if thats needed.
I can make sense of crashed/error logs too since I spent my time lately understanding how minecraft works (I’ve been decompiling it lately using programs like JaD).
Most of my minecraft playtime is on the SKCraft Servers Alice or Vincent, thats where I got involved with sk89q, he’s a really nice guy btw, he’s also the guy who made Worldedit and Worldguard, I helped him out a little in solving crashes with his SKCraft server network….

I helped out the Admins of the Shotbow-Network once too, by fixing a critical crash issue that persisted in the spigot config on 1.4.x…. (Yes they already used Spigot back then ….)

Ive been honored with Helper/Assistant-titles and such many times before on many different networks for spotting; and or fixing critical bugs/glitches, that also earned me the title ‚Glitch-Queen‘ on the minecraft forums which I think is rather funny…

I believe in responsible disclosure so: I always disclose bugs/glitches I find!

I have run my own servers before, that taught me how difficult it can be to lead a server and hold a community together.

I have and always had a passion for redstone, I’m not that great of a Builder though, that is unless I have access to tools like world edit, but thb anyone could build something cool with worldedit….

I’m always calm and friendly, I don’t have attitudes towards annoying or stupid players, I can solve bigger problems too, even if it takes some time.
My playtime per day really depends on how munch school work I have to do but its usually 30 min-2h…

Just to be clear:
I don’t want to be a cMod/Mod/SMod or Admin, I’m just offering you help, if and when you need it.
However, I’d like to be seen as a helper, But I don’t require extra rights for that.
But even thats unnecessary if sky decides that I am not worth of having a permission-related title thats fine with me too then…

Still, please take this application seriously, I’m working hard to improve peoples playing experience, by just doing little things for other people which they enjoy.

Thanks for taking the time to read this through
Julia aka liaju31

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