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Application for Moderator (firehawk469)

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1 Application for Moderator (firehawk469) on Sat Nov 22, 2014 11:17 pm


I am going to start off by addressing myself. My name is Nick and I am a 15 year old with many experiences in the field of moderation and coding. I am involved in two sports/debate at my local high school. During the summer not only do I train for sports but I am also a lifeguard. I guess you could say I am a well rounded responsible person.

Before quitting MC late summer of 2014 I was an avid player of the well know server "Firefly MC" (You might've heard of it) On the same server I was also a chat mod for Teamspeak and the normal chat before the server was taken down. I plan to get back into MC and with those plans comes goals of being a Moderator on the server that I have chosen to replace the hole FireflyMC left. I also have taken a few coding classes. Nothing too serious but I was an expert in Skript. Back on the server FireflyMC I was mainly known for my building expertise, but it seems your spawn proves you have plenty of fine builders in your staff program. I will admit to being new to the server and I have yet to really discover much about it, but that's not going to stop me from becoming apart of the program that made me love the old server in the first place.

I would also consider myself to be a strong leader, and a swift learner that is always ready for adaptation. I know you had strong relations to the older server so this is why I plan to pick up where I left off there and get straight back to helping others and making peoples day's. My only two weaknesses here would have to be a short but manageable temper, and my lack of knowledge on this newer server. One of those easily solvable.

This is why I highly suggest you take every aspect of my moderator application into account and choose accordingly to your opinion.

Have a nice day.

P.S. Feel free to contact me about for information if it would help you come to a conclusion faster.

- Hawk

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