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Death_Zyber's mod application

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1Death_Zyber's mod application Empty Death_Zyber's mod application on Sun Feb 28, 2016 4:10 pm

Death_Zyber's Mod application Hi my name is Aidan im 16 Yrs Old. and I know i will benefit the server i can  be on about 5 hours a day for a week im very good at socializing and making new friends and helpful especially when it comes to helpful/useful information
I would be the trust worthy kind of staff im very good when it come to building I have a skype: Adanie555 theres a few more things.i will treat people with honesty and respect and always face my problems Whether a greifer,hacker or ever a spammer. I have never greifed or hacked never got kicked or banned. i am experienced at being staff and hosting a server
I believe that there should be no server abuse or bullying so i will stop any type of abuse or bullying Wink  thx for best server ever it would be sooo appreciated for staff
so that's  all Very Happy Very Happy my sisters channel and a video

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