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News Letter: 2/28/16

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1News Letter: 2/28/16 Empty News Letter: 2/28/16 on Sun Feb 28, 2016 5:50 pm

Merchants and Marauders

Sorry Folks, The news letters have had a whole month skip. Which is utterly my fault, so to make up for it I'm going to cram as much information, over the last month, into this post.

To start things off, The creative server has mini-games selected for the main server! All the games in January's poll were some really good games, but we had to pick the top 12- Thank you everyone who participated! The mini-games that didn't make it will be removed off the wall for February and March Games, But don't worry; you will have a chance to have new and improved mini-games featured next month!
Here are the results, in order of date published:

Continuing on the Creative server, February's Royalty is ThthunderChicken! You can find their statue in the spawn, and information for future Royalty! To become a King or Queen next month, just donate to the Creative Royalty Package in the website shop. Donate before the month of March is Snatched up, you have until the end of the month. New Royalty is selected by then, and you will have your statue up before you even know it! [You get to watch PerfectKayla spend a fabulous hour building you!]
Package link here:

Donations and Towns
Lets head over the main server now, following up donating- this month has been crazy with the amount of donations for ranks! Almost everyone is showing off their epic color names and tags, it's almost impossible not to join in! We are very lucky and thankful to have such an supportive Community here at M.A.M, it's your donations that keep the server going! No matter the amount, you guys are truly Amazing!

Final update on Towns restart, Magnolia and Natureville have truly made a difference this time around!
Magnolia has grown, and has made a rapid start in success with it's spawn. Roads and housing have popped up almost over night, and the scenery is breathtaking. Something worth checking out.
NatureVille has started on it's Capital, and is slowly building up. Main city buildings are complete just in time for it's one year anniversary, February 26. Roads and plots have not been layed-out, but much potential is soon to come.

Towns in general have had an impact on the server this month! Buddaville has plans on moving the town under water, FalloutCity is growing at stagger speeds, and Solla_Sollew now has the most residents on the server! Everyone is making progress, and it's safe to say Towny is in everyone's conversations this month!

Valentines day was quite the blast, everyone enjoyed making Valentine cards to one and other and having parties! Drop-parties had a big turn out, and everyone had fun getting silly items! HootOwl hosted a Contest for the cards;categories involving Cheesy, Romantic, and Host's Pick. In the end, it was pyrokarl and perfectkayla to take the win. Kayla won cheesy, while Pyro won Romantic AND Host's Pick! Congrats everyone who participated, thanks for sharing the holiday with us!

For the last topic of the day, I'd like to give the results of today's PVP Tournament! For it being last minute, it was hard to gather members to get on the server. Over all, we only had 3 members participate. [Hootowl, PerfectKayla, and Iabsbywt] Either way, we all had fun battling  to the death! Kits were Provided, so no one got an over all prize. Everyone who won a battle got to keep the gear and the opponent's gear.
Here are the results:
Chris V.s Kayla
Chris won
Kayla V.s Iabs
Kayla won
Chris V.s Iabs
Chris won
1st: Chris
2nd: Kayla
3rd: Iabs
Thank you all for taking part of the tournament!

News Letter Update
That's all for today, more News Letters will come. The schedule for posting has changed from once a week- to once a month. Please try to understand that I am sometimes busy, and can't post anything worth your time because I wasn't on to experience any news. Having it so it is posted once a month will give me a chance to add more information and detail to these New Letters. It's a lose one- gain two situation, so try to understand.

Thank you following along with M.A.M's New Letters!

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