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Bapums' Mod Application

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1 Bapums' Mod Application on Tue Nov 25, 2014 7:17 pm


   I am Bapums, and most of you know me well. I have a background with many of the players on this server, with roots with some leading back past a year even. I'll try to keep this short, so here goes:

   I've been both an operator and moderator of minecraft servers. Even at times not being in staff, I was very useful to those running the server.

   I have sufficient experience with teamspeak to understand how it works, and how much to take before dealing with situations.

   I've been on very consistently recently, and I plan on keeping it up, however possibly not being on *as* much(Probably won't keep spending 6+ hours a day on here, hopefully Wink ). Of course, I still plan on putting a good deal of time into the server.

   I have adequate experience with many minecraft plugins, including AdminFun Very Happy. As such, I am an expert at messing around with all of the little players who aren't opped. (And yes, I'm good with WorldEdit and Towny. I feel I have a fair amount of understanding the concepts of other plugins, and should be able to learn how those new to me operate quickly.)

   To make it fair for everybody, as I know some people in high places better than others, I'd like to start out as a simple chat mod. Of course, I have higher aspirations in the future -- assuming I prove myself responsible to handle more things.

   As a Chat Mod, I thought I could focus specifically as being an arbiter. What I mean is that I noticed many of the Mods+ being distracted from actual server problems by the drama unfolding.

   As a result of this, I thought I could specifically try to tackle this dilemma, and try to talk to the parties involved/not getting along. I hope, then in doing this, that those with more responsibilities are able to focus on the server problems instead of trivial matters over who said/did what.

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