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Motivation for Voting

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1Motivation for Voting Empty Motivation for Voting on Sat Nov 29, 2014 7:38 am


As we all know, Mojang has disallowed the use of in-game benefits as a reward for things such as donations(and possibly voting). Therefore, I have this proposal:

Once all the voting is set up, that once a week, the person with the most votes that week will be rewarded a golden(or something)name for that week. Then, at the end of that new week, another winner would be chosen, and the current holder of the title will lose it -- therefore having to vote more to get it back.

I also thought of some stipulations to come along with it:

If you win the title one week, you cannot win it consecutively, unless you vote 2x as much as the next highest voter.

If there is a tie between players, they either both get titles, or somehow one of them is picked, then the other will get more priority if they are in another tie.

If the idea takes off, that eventually a 2nd place color will be introduced as well, and possibly a 3rd if a large number of players participate.

Tell me your thoughts.

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