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Mernessie's moderator application

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1Mernessie's moderator application Empty Mernessie's moderator application on Thu Nov 03, 2016 10:20 pm

IGN (in game name) :  mernessie.

My past experiences with minecraft permissions include:
i have worked with World Edit, Towny, and the golden shovel (claiming) plugin (sorry i cant remember it's name off the top of my head)
i know basic world edit commands such as, copy/paste, fill, drain, & replace. i know some towny, i am willing to learn more if needed!

i unfortunately am very new to Team Speak. i don't know many commands here.

i am typically available from 2-7 PM weekdays (this is the time i am mostly free with no interruptions) if i am not available i will drop in and tell someone that i may be unavailable for X amount of time. weekends i am free off and on. weekends are typically family & grocery shopping times. so i may be on less on Saturdays. i can help build for the server, i also can help filter out bad players and hackers. when needed. i am not trigger happy when it comes to bans. because i know that a lot goes into certain bans (global, IP, or local bans) i only ban if absolutely necessary and i am happy to help whenever needed i may not be best for Team Speak moderation. but i will help in any way i can in game. i sincerely hope you consider me for staff, i have had experience with being a moderator on two other servers. and both i stepped down myself when i knew it was best for me and the server. or was forced down (due to the server shutting down) if i can help the server in any way shape or form, let me know. i hope i can be of assistance!

thank you!

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