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1 APPLICATION: TS3/SERVER STAFF. YOU CAN PICK. on Thu Jan 19, 2017 3:22 pm

My name is hayden. I am 15 and i play minecraft.
I will catch any fishy Guys/Gals that are not obeying.
1 Year of hacker experience catching hackers!
I will do anything in my power to make a wall against hackers. And make them pay for that wall (Trump reference)

My skype: fraglile (50cg)
My discord: ???
My TS3: fraglile
My twitter/Youtube/Facebook: ???

**You can do anything with this, If you dont accept me that shall be fine.**

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Amazing, you played here for a whole 2 days and thought that was enough. Are you surprised that the server rejects your application as you rejected the server?

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