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Motivation for Donating

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1Motivation for Donating Empty Motivation for Donating on Sat Nov 29, 2014 5:38 pm

Hey again:

This time I had some ideas related to the promotion of the concept of legal(According to Mojang's EULA) donating.

1: VIP Area

Idea taken out due to violation of Mojang EULA.

2: An McMMO xp event. (This is debatable, but can theoretically be done legally)

Somebody having control of this can be seen as giving them an advantage, so a stipulation comes along with it:

They must set a time within 1-5 days in the future, to choose a 10-30 minute xp event. Upon doing so, somebody on staff with sufficient responsibility will be the one to start it at that time.

Reason? If the word is spread around, people will equally have a chance to make it. With this notice, everybody will be able to participate, and the partial waiting period ensures that the VIP who called for it can not abuse it and use it immediately so only they can use it to its full potential.

Other stipulations that may make this not obstructing the EULA:

The VIP may pick the day, and then random times during that day's peak periods(Of players) will be thrown together. Then, one will be picked, so that only the staff member knows the exact time. Therefore, the VIP using it does not know the time, therefore it will not help them directly. Also, the other players should have proper warning as soon as a day is picked.

I was thinking the McMMO event could be interchanged with rewards to things such as voting as well.

Of course, these are just basic ideas -- so feel free to add on if you think you can improve them!

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