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Gearhead App. for Staff

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1Gearhead App. for Staff Empty Gearhead App. for Staff on Thu Nov 23, 2017 3:05 pm

*Catches football from off screen* Hi, I'm Gearhead723 or for this "application" I will be referring to myself as my real name Joseph. *finger guns and throws football super hard off screen and a yell is heard from behind the camera* Now, why do you want me? Well funny you should ask, I'm hard working, an exceptional builder, I've taken some programing lessons, a quick learner, available on most weekends and after schooldays.

Being comleatly honest I'm only filling this out because only good could come from it. I love the server and I hope for the opertunity to work with you guys! Thanks a million. *after video ends a voice is heard from the back of the class* "That sucked, who's next?"

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