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Reset the server to bring in more people.

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Okay, right off the bat, the server is dying. I feel that there is a way to prevent it from dying even more. The simple solution is to reset the server to make it "great again"(Trump 2016) and bring in even more people. It has been shown in the past that resetting a server brings in more people. The reason it brings in new people is that "new is always better"(Stinson E5 S6). Okay, but seriously, there are tons of structures left lying around as remnants of long-lost towns and cities. The towny world is running out of room, slowly but surely, leaving it harder and harder to make stuff and have fun building. So by resetting the server, we can start fresh and rebuild on a new space. We can bring in tons of people that want to play on a world that is brand new. Sky said that she wouldn't restart the server until there is a major biome change/biome added that we would need in the towny world. We should reset it now instead of waiting on something to change while we watch OUR server crumble apart. So to sum everything up, the server NEEDS a reset to bring in more people. I encourage you all to keep this in your mind. I want you to think "would resetting the server help". I will leave a poll down below for you to leave your answer; it will act as a petition of sorts. I hope you all at least consider this. Thank you all and have a wonderful day! Very Happy

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