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Julia's Revised Staff-App v2

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1 Julia's Revised Staff-App v2 on Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:15 am

Since it was suggested by a few people and since I heard that there are no Chat Mods, here's a revision of my Staff Application:

Hello I'm Julia (Jasmin Elizabeth) or JJE for short.
I'm currently 16yrs old (yes I'm actually 16, and yes I know many people don't know my real age cause I dont like handing personal info out on the net... anyway)
I live in NC, USA and I grew up in BW, Germany.
I have a bit fo a medical history, so please don't nag about me not using TS, I have my reasons.

And I would like to apply for any Staff position that may be available on the Server!

           - Obey all Server rules, Check.
           - Treat everyone with respect, Check. (I hope you people see it  that way too)
           - Go out of your way to be helpful with new members, Check (I literally carry around a shulker box with welcome presents 90%
             of the time)
           - Never add to server gossip or drama, Check, I think. (Is it gossip to have an opinion on someone? Doesnt't change my
              behaviour in any way)
           - Don't encourage rule-breaking behavior in others, Check, quite the opposite actually.
           - Be consistently active for at least two weeks, Check, even though I'm what I would consider a veteran player by now
              I still feel like a rookie...

Also helpful information:
Stuff in no particular order things:
           - I know basically all Minecraft-ingame mechanics by heart (includes everything from spawning mechanics over redstone
              logic to scoreboards)
           - I know how to operate basically every plugin the server has to offer
           - I know exactly what to look for If I'm facing a problem
           - I have a talent to spot potential issues noone has before
           - I am very quick to react to bad situations with a solution

So that's the server stuff, more about me
           - I am seriously dedicated to this server and the community, I think I am around as much if not more than the staff these days
              (that might change for a bit depending on my life situation for a week or two)
           - I have no real references to being Staff on a Server that wasnt run by me for my friends but I learn really quickly
           - Also worth noting might be that I'm around at really odd times, during school in the Library is included in that (seriously)
              and really early/ really late during the night

So far for the bland standard part (I'm not good at writing letters and stuff).
I am a lazy Server owners worst nightmare at times (Hello Sky Razz) because
I actually cause them work they need to do or at least look at, that's also why I think I'm constantly viewed as a potential hassle.
Also there are two reason I could think of that could potentially be viewved as drawbacks with my person. For example my mood may be off sometimes, though I try
to be my usual cheerful self all year around. Secondly I'm dangerously smart (thanks pyrokarl for that description Razz ) and I'm easily excitable.

Not gonna fish-ish this off with a joke cause I didn't manage to catch one. lol!
Love ya all!

Before-post-edit: It's so difficult to get the layout working o_O ...

Last edited by Julia J.E. on Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:37 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : pyro's master revision (he forced me to!))

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