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New Voting Incentives

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1New Voting Incentives Empty New Voting Incentives on Tue May 22, 2018 12:57 pm

I have noticed hardly anyone votes anymore, and I would like to make some suggestions for new voting rewards as incentive to get players to vote.
1. Add more items that are better in value that you can win.
2. Add more tags for milestones.
3. Increase server advertisement for voting

Now more about those suggestions. For the first suggestion I recommend items like 'Tickets' for you to name an item in color, a ticket for you to get a  colored nickname for a day, etc. Possibilities are endless. I would also add more useful items like ores, 32 blocks of decorational terracotta, or concrete, Special Diamond helmet. Or just silly named and enchanted items, like A shovel with silktouch and fortune and name it Le Paradox, or similar silly things. Of course these would be used in the special voting token chest and not the regular.
Add more milestone tags, for example: at 500 votes you get Vote Pro, 1000 Vote Master, and 2000 votes Vote Champion.
For increasing server advertisement, what I mean are the in game broadcasts. I think it should be along the lines of something like this:
Vote Now and Recieve awesome rewards!
Vote for your server and show your support!
Show Sky how much you love her by voting!
You get the gist :p
Also, we could have a Top Voter of the Month posted somewhere in spawn. Top voter would receive some kind of reward at the end of the month for their dedication and support. This would also encourage competitive voting, therefore increase server votes.
P.S. I wouldn't increase the currency because you actually get a decent amount of money from voting.

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2New Voting Incentives Empty Re: New Voting Incentives on Wed May 30, 2018 10:01 am


I don't like spamming the server with too many colored broadcasts because I personally find them a little annoying xD but running something specific for a week or so could be managed.

I've got a few ideas for the special chest that may entice people to vote more so once I get those tested and added it seems like that would be a good time to run a broadcast announcing it.

Will look in to more milestone and vote-logging rewards. Our current setup doesn't automate that easily but I'm sure I can figure something out.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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