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Fun things to engage players daily or weekly

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1Fun things to engage players daily or weekly Empty Fun things to engage players daily or weekly on Tue May 22, 2018 1:22 pm

I have a list of plugins you could use that could give incentive for players to play daily or more often, therefore increasing server population. These are what I have in mind:

A lottery plugin. I noticed that when we held a lottery event a few days ago it was fairly successful. You could host a lottery event every week, like Sunday Lottery Day or something.

A Daily loot box. This would give players a reason to log in once a day to see what they get. Im pretty sure you can customize what items are in the loot box.

Slot Machines! Another fun gambling game to engage players.

Pets! Thats right, you can have adorable, or not so adorable pets in minecraft with this plugin. I believe you can train your pet like pokemon and have them learn certain traits and level up. You can have an adorable pig, or bat, or spider following you around with this Very Happy

And this is more of a minigame but still looks fun: Bingo!

These are just some suggestions, and you might find plugins that are similar to the ones I've listed that may work better for your server.

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Like a Star @ heaven good ideas, some could work

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I like this line of thought. I'll definitely pursue some of these or similar things to see if we can implement daily, weekly, or unique server incentives.

I suspect that both summer and the release of 1.13 will give us opportunities to reach a larger audience and be a good time to implement new features. Thanks for the suggestions!

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Anything collectible would be good. Like new rare drops, once you get the whole collection it could be turned in for rewards, bonuses, or just used to taunt your rivals. Twisted Evil
Got to catch 'em all!

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So my idea is a bit radical, but how about things people could buy on the website for in game advantages!!!!!!!!! That would rock jocolor

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I'd love to have pets! Probably wouldn't pay much attention to the others through, honestly.

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