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What's your history?

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1What's your history? Empty What's your history? on Tue Dec 16, 2014 1:05 am

Hello everyone! This is Tom as many of you may know I am one of the oldest members of this community. ( not server because it's only been up about 2 months). Anyways I'd like to learn about how our members came to part of our community, and the experience you've had with minecraft! I know my history on this game goes back into beta and didn't know about multiplayer till way later. To start off this topic I'll tell my tale of how I became where I am today in our little world.

In march on 2012 my friend and I were both on skype playing single player and I had asked how do you play online mode, we looked into it and learned it was very simple. On the first night I played online mode in minecraft I found "fireflymc". Thanks to godrick and djscooby I found a town to live in. Chaos was my town that I live in, it was a small little town I remember she just learned towny commands and I was a test dummy on my first day. Little did I know it was just the start to my adventure!

Time pasted and I realized I wanted to be active I looked to see who was on the most and what towns were better etc etc. anyhow I met a guy by the name Dr.Jamesdos. This was the moment I knew I would never play single player again he had givin me a plot and building supplies with a warm welcome to "Dostopia" little did I know in a few months if own this fine town! About a week into my adventure I met cjdippa a young man with an appitite for iron and death! He liked to mine with me and kill me like most people tend to do.... He became vital for later on events this is why I mention him! So along the way though summer on that year I was just an ordinary member nothing intresting happened I just had met people like tommyctx, gsgo101, former smod master volcan, gold fox, supssuobladeron, and one of my favorites mr kupiton. Now kupi at this point in firefly was my enemy we fought and argued for hours and killed and murdered like animals. We got into it a lot.... He became the symbol of evil for a good while and now he is a good friend because of our experiences together.

In august I gained the title of mayor for dostopia that sups had taken over to call suptopia. This moment was maybe the bet feeling ever as I had gained mayor a step up in the world! It was looking up for me! Maybe a week or so later I met the man who inspired our server today and created our origin.. JacksmackDave. This magical man did a drop party one day in Funland ( who remembers Funland?) I just remember I got the horse egg and he went into my house to spawn it and said "man you got a lot of time" as this was all In chat due to the fact team speak wasn't around yet.

Let's skip towny wars and the stalemates of war. When we changed maps the server consisted of maybe 10 "active members". I got on the new map that had a Mesa my most famous biome. Cm and I both wanted one so we made an agreement to save it xD. So Dave became very active and hired GSGO and cm to Help him with the server. Not long after a individual we should all know came back from life and joined the virtual world again. Skykia one of the best people I know who works hard and may be the sweetest person I know, as she can handle people without getting to stressed. ( I wish I could do that) she joined again and Dave had known her way longer than anyone else on then. He hired her and cj soon after. Maybe a month later I joined the staff team as mod. Time pasted and a strange guy with a silly user got on h7. He as much as people think he is mean maybe the most intelegent one besides when sky can serve out 100 reasons why he's wrong xD but he is very good at commands, world edit and much more! Sour on the outside but a good guy deep in. He didn't stay normal long he jumped from normal to mod to admin very fast along with skykia. This to me signified the start of our staff team on merchants and muarders today. H7 and sky worked day in and day out with the help of cm, g, cj, and I to build a new Funland minigames. We worked well together and accomplished a lot. Once they became admins Dave started to fade out which we started to notice quickly.

Some events happened and all the staff was lost but h7, sky, and myself. So this is where rockman(Chris) came in we hired that guy and soon stormy. These two guys are good friends and are great mods even if all Chris talks about is his cat joe. They worked staff well and had a few issues but it all worked out. Months pasted nothing to intresting happened I did get upgraded to smod that's about it. So Dave came back and made the HUB server. For those who didn't know firefly was towny alone for the longest time. This hub server added factions to it and some new members... This is where nick came in along with a few others you see today. This didn't last long as Dave pretty much had no time to spend on the server as life was busy for him.

On October 8th sky emailed me with an idea. Firefly has been down for a month and we can't fix it so we should start a server this plan went into action and was executed well. I built spawn, h7 and sky made the server work and stormy and Chris did jobs like rule making ideas ect. So since then we have become a good size for only being up for 2 months! Here we are today from firefly to here.

I have had an amazing time in this community. People like tommy, jan, skykia, kupi, and I can all say this community has come far from what it was. And I want to thank all of you for joining us and making this experience better. Everyone of you make it better for me to play even if I pull you in the black bag and "have a talk" I still care about you guys and enjoy you. And a huge thanks to the staff team as we sometimes feel no one sees the effort that goes into this place I do. And I know you all work hard . And biggest thanks to Sky for funding the server, starting the server, and deticating the time into it to make it amazing! Dave would be amazed at what you have done! And maybe now he would have let me build spawn for him to if he knew what I was capable of.

Anyhow that's my story about how I got here almost two years! What's your story?

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2What's your history? Empty Re: What's your history? on Wed Dec 17, 2014 3:28 pm

Assassin Log

Look at what you’re making me do Zed! Anyways I will include YouTube videos to maybe show some of the story. This story starts about 3 years ago when I first got Minecraft; this was when 1.4.2 had just come out. I started out on the HG hunger games servers; this is where I first started to notice I was pretty good at pvp. My thirst for more came about 2 months after I got Minecraft; I started looking for a server that had a good community and good people. I jumped around a little bit but just couldn’t find the right server, then I came across Mc-Colonies, This server was great, a lot like the old firefly, It featured towns, raiding in normal lands, so on and so forth. So I jumped on and was greeted by a man with the name Thorwithcookies. He invited me too his town and we had a good time. About a week later spawn broke and I caught a griefer griefing spawn, one of the moderaters came on (I think it was Oggur I can’t remember) and he got banned. The server was shut down for at least a week, when I came back everything was reset. So we started again, me and Thor parted paths but always kept connected. . I met some people including greysnake, siv55123, ThatsDone (just starting as a mod at the time) I’m Gr8t, w4zz4b1w4r; I got to fully meet oggur, mellonlord33, and last but not least KingBoosey. Mellon gave me his town with the parting words “treat her well.” He was on and off then after. Thor got banned too, for reasons unknown to this day. Anyways I went off to build on my own but left the town under my control, I went off and built a little house on a faraway island, about 5000 blocks from spawn. This is where I got my name as the assassin. I started stockpiling all my stuff in the one location and I started to flourish. I was also killing people whenever I could. About that time I met a girl by the name of “happylittlefish” and I married her on the server. I gave her all the basic stuff she needed. We lived in the same house until the server reset. Then the server reset back in uhh *pages flipping* July 2013. I started off small, and then this hacker came on. He looked innocence at first but had own a server before and shut it down. It was shut down that week and the server was announced as a dead server the next month. I do have contact with some of the older members of that server. I created my own server around that time too. Mine only went on for a couple of mouths (it was embarrassments don’t ask). After that shut down I again started looking for another server. I stumbled upon “Firefly MC” I jumped on and the first person I was greeted by was “mastervolcan”. Now master wasn’t the guy you hear about today, oh no no, he was a loyal member at the time and a great Smod. Anyway I got invited to his town and I immediately started to stockpile stuff. I was there for one of the wars, there were many people involved and it became a blood bath really quickly. I made away like a bandit in the first war. I’m going to skip a lot here but I bought Legion for uhh, 5,000? Idk but I bought it from applerumba. Now I don’t think many people remember ol apple, except some of the older members. Eventually Legion joined the nation of United. This is the nation I did my second war in, and it was a massacre, Master killed me many times over. Still curse him over that. But anyway after that some police caught sight of all my killing. I was thrown into a Minecraft prison but I was in there where I met some really great people. These people include Cbarr and rainwhen. We conducted a prison break and busted out. And I came back here. Thank you all and hope you enjoyed my story.

thats all the videos, there is more but you can search for your self.

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3What's your history? Empty Re: What's your history? on Wed Dec 17, 2014 8:31 pm

Hello Everyone. Its Nick and many of you might know me from my many usernames on FireFly (The_Konge, NekuPlayer, 17812315308). Anyways. I'm here to fill out my "History" essay assigned by the great Zed. I Guess I should start from when I first joined FireFly.

I joined FireFly August 27, 2014 and it was my first multiplayer server on Minecraft. I was greeted by Chris, CrysisHEX, WeaponBreaker, and BMtron1 (Two of which are now banned Very Happy ). I started off making a faction with all four of them. It was called Atlas. There was another member in Atlas named stormybluey. We became a pretty strong faction until we were raided by our own member stormy. CrysisHEX and I made our own faction named HexInc™️. HexInc™️ started off slow but eventually became the most powerful faction on the server. Even Chris's faction could not beat ours and he was a mod :p . I was still new to Minecraft at this time and already I was part of a huge faction and surrounded by friends. One day this child (Awful kid... seriously) named Herobrine5217 got on the server and things started to get interesting. He became the official enemy of HexInc™️ and was never trusted. We had multiple wars with him and it was very fun. Although there were some talks of cheating and hacks it was still a lot of fun fighting. CrysisHEX would get in a bit of trouble with the mods from time to time. Especially a very special one that almost everyone from FireFly knew. His name was H7. They would have confrontations almost daily and I would never be part of them. This lead to CrysisHEX being banned from the server and HexInc™️ being disbanded. After this whole series I started becoming closer with the mods. I talked to Chris and stormybluey a lot and from time to time I would have my "chats" (me getting into trouble) with Skykia/H7. The only memory of H7 that I have was the Black Bag. That awful channel...  It gave me shivers down my spine and gave me nightmares for a week. Seriously he made that channel terrible. Anyways... the conversations were usually about Herobrine5217 hacking or something :p. The server ended up going down October 1st, 2014 and I was so upset. I was unable to talk to my friends and I missed playing on the server. On October 15th, 2014 I heard that Skykia has started up her own server named Merchants and Marauders. I was invited by Chris to come and join in. I started to become friends with Zedtomb and Tommy58ctx. I played on the server and made tons of new friends. Luckily I was nice enough and followed rules and became a Patrol on the teamspeak. This did not last long although I did have fun "practicing" on greeting people and inviting them to join the server. Around 2 weeks later Skykia pulled me into a room with other mods and told me that I would be promoted to TSmod. I was so happy that I was now able to talk to all these great people who are funny and take have so much respect for this server. I try to be here whenever I can and help the server.

Thats basically it everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading this and I want to thank everyone for making Merchants and Marauders such a great server!

-[Moderator] Numbers

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4What's your history? Empty Re: What's your history? on Sat Feb 07, 2015 6:07 pm

Hello, I'm Jessi and I figured I would write my history here as well because why not?

When I first got Minecraft (Christmas 2013 I think) I was just excited to play single player and had always wondered how people play these magical things called "servers" or "maps".  My sister and I had actually shared the account "XTheEpicSistersX".  The day my sister figured out how to play survival games was so excited and we would take turns playing them nearly all day.  I had played on lots of minigame servers and a few others probably but I don't remember them.  One day during late summer my friend and I were looking for a survival server to play on while skyping.  Thats when I came across RTOF.  When we first joined we started to collect wood when another player wanted to team with us.  We just wanted to play by ourselves though so we said no.  After that he killed us.  We had tried many attempts to find a place to build our houses but we died every time.  That's when we met bapums, Burther, Buu, and Bonano. Bapums  (little did I know that he would change my life on Minecraft pretty much) would protect us from mobs for long enough that we found a place to build a house.  We knew nothing about factions or towny so we built unprotected and of course after letting some people join our small "kingdom" we got griefed. Soon bapums convinced me to ask my parents if I could skype with him, They needed a lot of proof he was really 16 because of his deep voice. The first time we skyped it was pretty awkward.  We rode on the big bridge there was and talked about killing cows for beef. Razz A long while after that my friend and I once again searched for a new place to build a house where we would be more careful.  That one lasted a while but got griefed as well.  A little while after that RTOF shut down.  I was really dissapointed and never deleted the server off of my computer.  One day I randomly decided to check the forums one last time. That's when I saw Skykia's post about her server.  I decided to check it out.  I was welcomed by Skykia and Camaniac when I joined.  Later I told bapums about the server and he joined.  We started to build a small town when he invited his friend, Deeter, to join.  It was a lot of fun.  Soon though I felt like I wasn't as involved in the town as much as I'd liked to be so I found a place to make my own. My sister (very kindly) gave me the money to make one called SpringHaven.  I can't remember if it was before or after I made my town but bapums also convinced me to ask my parents if I could get on teamspeak.  They said yes! Once I got on I was moved to a channel with bapums and Chris! We had some pretty funny conversations involving waffles and such. I found myself getting on the server everyday.  I realized I would like to talk to the moderators most and became their friend.  One day I got on and they asked me why I wasn't afraid to join a room full of moderators, I responded that they were my friends and I thought it was silly to ever be afraid of them.  I was moved into the black bag channel and was asked if I would like to be a greeter. I was so excited to start and eventually formed a routine of things to ask new comers. A long time after that I figured I would apply for staff since I knew most of the moderators pretty well. I worked hard on it and edited it several times because I was so nervous it wouldn't be good enough.  An hour later though it was locked so I couldn't edit it anymore, I had to just let it be.  A month may have passed when I got moved into the black bag again,  Nick and Tommy had just gotten upgraded to mods from cmods so I had a small suspicion I may have gotten chosen to be a mod.  I was right!  Soon after I was so excited and ran around telling everyone in my family that I was cmod on a server! That's where I am now.  I have pretty much been on teamspeak every day for the past few months.  I have made lots of friends even though I have never met them in real life I feel so close to them.  Minecraft has really changed my life no matter how cheesey that sounds.  Smile This community is really special to me.

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5What's your history? Empty My story on Tue Jan 26, 2016 1:03 pm

I started playing Minecraft when I was very young (I don't remember exactly when). Back then I had no idea that there was anything else but Classic mc. Then my cousins introduced me to regular mc and I was extremely disappointed in it precisely because you couldn't place ingots, (remember, I was like 8 then). It grew on me and I played it more often. Awhile later the same cousins who introduced me to non-placeable ingots showed me one of the best servers in the world, Road to Fortune. This server was the only one I played on, I tried Firefly and Mineplex but neither of them had the same effect on me that rtof had. I met Berthur and Fexlom, who were the owners. Fexlom was the holder of the famed "Ban Hammer" and possibly the most intelligent person on the server, as he built a calculator (yes! a calculator! ) out of redstone. Later Skykia invited me into her faction, Ajah, and I built a small hut at the end of the road, which would be my house until about a few months before the server went down. My brother, Inazen, and my sister, Melonium, would, for my birthday, "cake" my house, which means completely coating it in cakes, even some of the yard. This made me so mad, but they did it year after year. I met a lot of people and made a few friends on that server. When I look back on how I behaved when I started playing on the server, I am horrified. I was a noob to no end. I actually begged people for food so I wouldn't have to spend money. I had a house like 20 blocks from the wilderness spawn. But I slowly stopped being a noob and I hope I have completely stopped being noobish. I stopped playing mc for a long time, and when I tried to rejoin rtof, I learned that rtof had been shut down. I was disappointed and slightly angry, but then Skykia told me about her server she was putting up, and when I started (a little late, it was a month after the server started) I fell in love with it. It was a combination of Firefly and rtof, which had both shut down, and I found that this server actually beat rtof in my opinion. Thank you to everyone who helped make this server the best ive ever played on.

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6What's your history? Empty Re: What's your history? on Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:43 pm

Noobs compared to me

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