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Teamspeak Rules

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Rules of TeamSpeak

1) Use Push-to-Talk - Extraneous noise and echos can sneak through your mic, push-to-talk is a courtesy to other users.

2) Clearly Identify Yourself - Your TeamSpeak name must reflect your Minecraft IGN, this can use (parentheses) to capture it.

3) No Foul Language - We have ages as young as 8 on our Teamspeak, speak in a way that does not negatively influence kids or offend any group.

4) No Singing/Music in Default Channel - If you want to DJ, rock out, sing, or do karaoke, please move to the designated Karaoke channel. Please make sure it is appropriate for all ages.

5) Do NOT Poke Moderators - You should only poke mods if there is an absolutely urgent matter. Like, you're dying and need CPR. Seriously, it's annoying.

6) No Advertising - This TeamSpeak is dedicated to Minecraft, any conflicts of interest will not be tolerated.

7) Proxies/VPN's are not Condoned - Hiding your unique indentity makes it impossible to prove you did NOT break a rule. You may be suspected or even found guilty of things you did not commit. Our hands are tied in this matter, we cannot defend someone who refuses to be transparent.

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