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Want to build for the server? Now you can!

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1 Want to build for the server? Now you can! on Mon Feb 16, 2015 2:02 pm


Hello members,

While our server was stuck in downtime and experiencing the unfortunate 10 player limit, the staff and I have been setting up an opportunity for your creativity to shine!

For the next month we'll have a small creative server that you will be able to build minigames or potential server projects on! At the end of the month the best games and builds will be moved to our regular server for everyone to admire and enjoy.

The new creative server has both large and small plots. The smaller plots are free-build, while the larger plots you need to submit a plan for. If you need a particular sized plot for your minigame or server build, write up a description in the server suggestions section of the forum and we can work on getting that setup for you! You will need a moderator to first gain access to your creative plot, but after that you are free to build!

All of the server rules still apply. Any inappropriate or lag-causing builds will result in a permanent ban from the creative server (avoid constantly running redstone contraptions), and any issues with language a permanent mute.

I'm excited to see everyone's awesome builds!

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