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Deeter's and Bapums' Minigame(s)

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1Deeter's and Bapums' Minigame(s) Empty Deeter's and Bapums' Minigame(s) on Mon Feb 16, 2015 7:55 pm


Deeter and I are interested in building minigames on the creative server.
Our plan is to build a parkour maze on our plot, and we would like to be added together on the plot (in case it wasn't implied enough).

We can't tell you exactly what we plan to do, because we will do this best if we work on it and figure it out as we go.

It might also be possible that we will ask for extensions to our plot in the future(I'm not sure what the sizes are yet). Of course we will try to build up, but we can only do this for so far.

On top of this, there was an old minigame I made awhile ago. That would have been gliding. You get in a boat, then are pushed off of level 250, and you glide with your boat down to layer 30 or so, where there is enough water to ensure a safe landing.

I would like to try this out as well. I will probably build it into some kind of racing minigame, separate from our maze.

So these are our ideas we want to try out. If you have any concerns about anything, please let us know right away so we can figure out a fix for it. Thank you!

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2Deeter's and Bapums' Minigame(s) Empty Re: Deeter's and Bapums' Minigame(s) on Mon Feb 16, 2015 10:09 pm


Sounds good. If you have more specific dimensions for the map I can accommodate, otherwise I will just set the two of you up with our standard plot.

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