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DeetUm's Lottery: Week 1

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1DeetUm's Lottery: Week 1 Empty DeetUm's Lottery: Week 1 on Mon Feb 23, 2015 11:03 am


Now that everybody is used to how the lottery works, we're starting week  1 of the lottery. There will be some slight changes, so please pay attention.

This week we will be using a diamond for a ticket. You may enter multiple tickets(Up to 15). Note that all tickets must still have your in-game username on all of them.

This time, the winners will receive and assigned amount of the pot(That is, of all the diamonds that have been put into the lottery).

The rewards will be as follows:

First place: 75 % of the pot.

Second place: 15 % of the pot.

Third place: 5 % of the pot.

Last place: 5 % of the pot.

Remember to do the same procedure as before. If you don't remember, this is it:

Get your desired amount of tickets, and have levels on you. Use an anvil to name your tickets your in-game name. Go to /t spawn cashflow. Throw your ticket in the BACK of the desk, until it is picked up. You are now done.

Note that we have anvils at the lottery building, if you do not have access to any others.

Note that 5% of the original pot will be deducted, in order for the maintenance of the lottery system.

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