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Skewter's Application

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1 Skewter's Application on Fri Feb 27, 2015 9:56 pm

Hi I'm Skewter,
I have enjoyed my time on the server greatly and i enjoy your warm and comforting family you have formed and i am hoping to be able to be on more and do more for the server. You guys really are great and you are extremely fun. I would like to apply for a moderator for the server or the teamspeak. I am a past moderator from a different server, eager to learn any differences between then and there. I would be on as much as i can and i normally can stay on during the late hours on teamspeak and the server. I am able to deal with people and i feel that i can balance out the group. I love talking and doing tasks that not many people want to do. I also have the teamspeak app and i can be on almost all hours of the day. I hope to be a part of your group and you are all great.

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