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Cj for Mod!

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1 Cj for Mod! on Sat Apr 04, 2015 11:38 pm

Hello, if you are reading this, you probably get that i want to be mod, just like every other person. I do not come on that much, but that dose not mean im not suited to become a mod. Some of reasons why i should become a mod is: i know plugins extremely well, i am a good mini-game builder,  and i also love helping people. I also know everyone on the server VERY well, there's only a few people i don't know (i think their names are zed something and owl something). I have only been mod on 1 other server, but that not to say im a bad mod. So, i hope you really Dont consider me to become a mod, because this is a joke, and was meant to be posted on April Fools 4 days ago.

Anyways, if you want to learn what my mod post was like before back on old fireflymc here it is:

I think I would be a good mod because I like to help people and normally do. I am currently in Farmtown as a assistant but am plaining to make a town after the 1.7 reset. As Master and Badwolf are retiring and GoldFox is being demoted that will make there be only 2 mods. I personally think Firefly should have more that 2 staff members(G and CM) I am fairly good with plugins and know a lot about minecraft. I have been playing minecraft sine 1.2 and this is one of my first servers I joined. I have never been any type of staff of a server before. I have been one of the more active people on the server(at least I think). I don’t think I have done anything bad on firefly so I think I have a clean record.Everyone on firefly is a friend too me because all the time i have been on firefly it has been nice i played a few servers before this one and everyone was mean that is why I chose firefly as my home.  Yes I have not donated and yes I am not a mayor of any town but I think that I would be a good mod.

Then i had lots of support from people, and became mod after a bit.

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