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Jodie444's Mod app :D

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1Jodie444's Mod app :D Empty Jodie444's Mod app :D on Sun Jan 24, 2016 2:01 am

Hi, I'm Jodie444. I used to play on the old server, Firefly Minecraft, for a couple of months. I can be on the server everyday for at least an hour. I'm willing, and able, to do late night patrol for 1-2 hours (Or more!) I LOVE helping people, especially people who are new to the server. I think that Merchants and Marauders (And Firefly) is  a great server. Its just so awesome, and I am super lucky to have found it. I could probably make a list of why its so good. 1. The staff are friendly, reliable, and super helpful! 2. The builds are AMAZING! 3. The plugins are pretty cool, too. I could list many more but that's not what this is for.. and I am NOT trying to charm y'all! I would like to become a mod, so I could be a part of this awesome server and help others see that, too.
I have had a bit of past experience with minecraft permissions, as I used to moderate a small server, about 15-20 people online at once.
I do have some knowledge of the server pulgins, (custom enchantments etc).
I do not use the teamspeak server, but I may in the future. (That's why I am applying for the minecraft server mod..)
IF I did get the position of moderator, I would try to help out as much as possible, that's for sure.

Overall I would LOVE to moderate this server and be a part of this wonderful community, I hope you consider my application! (I really do hope you do.) Very Happy <3


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2Jodie444's Mod app :D Empty Re: Jodie444's Mod app :D on Sun Jan 24, 2016 2:05 am

If the list is irrelevant, please ignore it. xD

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