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1 Mod Application on Sat Mar 11, 2017 4:12 pm

Hey this is Rosy (Eiffelrose), I Would like to apply for mod on the server and possibly advance. I have many years of experience with different levels of staff, from builder, mod, admin, and server owner. At one point I owned my own server for about 4 years, and had to shut it down due to finances. As for current staff position I am currently a dedicated admin on a modded server, and I can also provide references. As you may know, Magmoor12, AnnielePenguin, were mods on my server, and Freakaussie_kid9 was my admin, you can use them for references or pm me for more names/contacts. I have also many other leadership roles in other games as well, such as in World of Warcraft I have been officer in many guilds, raid leader, pvp event coordinator, and I own and manage my own guild and raid team. I do not have much experience with TS as I am accustomed to Discord and Skype for chat purposes, however that does not mean I can not learn it. I love learning new things, I am currently going to college towards my associates of applied sciences and I love to play minecraft as it allows me to express my creative freedom and build and explore new things. Minecraft has been one of my go to games for the majority of my gaming years and I plan on staying on it for many more years. I am currently unemployed so I have all the free time to play up until my next semester starts (May 30th), but even then I will have at least the evenings to play. And as you may know, I am a bit of a night owl so I can be on late at night as well. I believe in a just and fair play-style and I appreciate your server and how it is run. I would love to become a part of the team and help this server maintain its integrity and keep it a fun and safe environment for players to enjoy. Thank you for considering me for a position on the staff team, and even if I am not selected as a staff member I will continue to play on the server. This has become my home <3
PM me in game or on skype at Eiffelrose13 if you have any further questions. Smile

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