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PerfectKayla's Application!

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1 PerfectKayla's Application! on Wed Mar 25, 2015 1:24 pm

PerfectKayla's Application:
I am Applying for TeamSpeak Moderator. I feel like there are some days where there are no Mods on the server. Some new users are trolling or cursing, and the only thing members can do is message a Mod and they hope that this will stop. I am on often and even as a Member, I try to stop people from being disrespectful. I would like to help more to the T.S server, because it seems that the current moderators could have some help between current members and new ones. I would like to point out that I do get upset regularly, about little things. But I wish to overcome that the flaw, and make my self better then I was Yesterday. Though you may get many people applying saying things like "I want to help," or "For perks" and what not, but I'm hoping I have a solid reason for me to become T.S Moderator. I have never been a Moderator on any other T.S, but I could use the Practice here and learn! This is the T.S server I have ever been on, so I'm still "Noob-ish"about Commands. I can always learn! I can help on the Mc server as a member, but help on the T.S Server as a Mod! I'm not aware of the plugins on this Mc Server, but if I did know, I would study them to understand how to help players know more on the Game Play. I can play all Weekends, With some breaks in between. On weekends I can be on all night, because I'm use to playing long hours. I almost all ways have my Ipod I can check in in the middle of the night. So I'm on almost all day and night. I can use the time and help the best I can! I do wish to become friends and get to know current members, and meet more! You can never have too many friends! Thank you for reading my Application! I hope I have not wasted your time! <3


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