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News Letter: 12/20/15

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Merchants And Marauders

Towny Insider:

Townies on the server has brought future mayors to their knees. Some amazing towns has popped up over night, and are growing by the day break. Nations are predicted to appear shortly later next year, it's all a race for the next Nation. Today's Towny Insider is the town of Magnolia, Owned by James5451234, and Belongs to the Nation, The Nocturnal Realm. It's town residents at 26 users, but it growing each day. The owner James5451234 got the Name of his town from a source, This is what he said:
"There was this 1 Anime that I truly love, Called Fairy Tale. There was a town in the anime that had the name of a flower, Magnolia. I was debating on the name Hoth, from StarWars, But I like Magnolia Better."
His future plans for the town is to make a PVP arena, so others can battle to sort out arguments. Not only that, he is planning on making a Mayor/Assistant area so meetings can be held there. One of Mayor's main goals is to help others into the town, and gain members to help his town blossom. Although his town is beautiful, if he could change 1 thing- it would be the Biome. It is currently in a Snow biome, and the snow blocks the road. So in order to fix this issue, the Mayor is going to build a kind of canopy over the roads- stopping the snowfall.
From my point of view, I find the town well laid out. It has some nice residents, and it has some potential. Check out this town by using the command [/t spawn Magnolia].

Faction Insider:
Create Keys have made many faction players freak out, After voting you have a chance of gaining Create Keys- ranging in levels. Players have been receiving Unique Create keys, meaning they have a Chance to get some OP Armor. Some armor offers the player to add sockets, increasing in strength. While other armor is just stacked in Enchants. Weapons and tools are also a chance, holding some wacky enchants, you have a chance at many different options. The easiest way to get these Keys is by Voting, but you can also find some keys in Faction Creates around faction spawn. Hourly Faction Crates spawn from any direction, North-South-East-West, but there is a 50% chance of them being Empty.

Today is the first day of Christmas break for most players, So everyone is joining in on the fun. People are starting to build some Christmas trees for the holidays, or handing gifts to others. Everyone is in a Good spirit, and are being jolly for the month of December. Player count is increasing on the server, and it's been quite popular.
The Creative Server is slowly dying down in players, but minigames are still coming! There are some Christmas-y Builds, and there are some new games up to play. Poll for Minigames will be ending shortly, so be sure to Play all the games- and be ready to vote!


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